Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We are glad to present the English version of Haschisch, a poem by Jose Marti.
The poem was translated from the Spanish original by Manuel A. Tellechea, specially for the readers of The Black Sheep of Exile.

(thanks, Mr. T!)


The Arab, when he weeps,
Implores the consolation of fantastic haschisch.
Haschisch, a plant of mystery,
Earth's wondrous poetess,
Who knows the shadows of a beauteous night,
And sings and paints all that the night enshrines.

The troubadour, transported, takes his lyre:
The idle Arab inhales his haschisch.

The Arab does well, because this plant,
Inhaled, perfumes the air, dulls pain and makes him sing.

Haschisch lulls the Moor to sleep
And in his dream he hears her sing,
And when he wakens, in his ears
Celestial harmonies still ring.

The Arab lives 'neath many heavens,
And in each and all, there is love. — For without love
The sky would lose its brilliant blue,
And the sad flowers their splendid hues.

And goodly haschisch knows it,
And never sings a mournful dirge.

Haschisch lays out a feast in the brain,
Awakens there fine images.
It paints the gentle swaying of the brook
And knows the morning's song.
This Arab plant is a troubadour
Without regrets, who never saddens, never cries.
It knows the mystery of the blue of heaven;
It knows the murmur of the quiet river;
It knows the stars and comets; it knows how to console;
It knows eternity, and it knows my heart!
[Eternity itself it knows, and it knows my heart!]

The Arab is a wise man:
He makes the earth pay for earth's wrongs.

And so, the inflamed vigor of my powerful spirit,
Rages within me, a slave oppressed,
And raises storms inside my rebel brow.

And so, my spirit, enamoured of the invisible,
And craving what it cannot see,
Burns and devours me, and I become
At once a vulture and proud Prometheus!

Oh, love of an Arab woman! Awaken
My miserable spirit trapped in this lifeless prison:
Your forehead place against my maddened forehead:
A woman's kiss, at the cell door!
Haschisch, in my pain, come to my lips!

José Martî

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rock cubano: we are NOT family.....

Not all the Castros are related to Hipolito or Modesto (middle names of fidel & raul), even when people who do not do their homework invent relationships, and yes, also addictions....
Los Miquis de Miami bring the story of Hipnosis to the fore....
Another Cuban rocker whose last name is Castro is Athanai, and of course he has nothing to do with the beasts of the same name, either....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love Grenade

I got my copy of Ted Nugent's latest album, Love Grenade, and what can I tell y'all, this is vintage good ole uncle Ted, boys and gals...
The rocker comes back, bringing all his firepower and ammunition with that old fashioned guitar-cum-machine gun, blasting my eardrums off with great rock anthems to freedom.
The Motor City Madman rocks here at his finest, bringing down dizzying speed to his pentatonic solos and shaking the ground with his trademark sounds and lyrics.
He takes some time to blast a few well known names in American politics, in his song Stand....


Don't need big brother to wipe my ass,
Don't need Ted Kennedy to spill my glass.
Al not so Sharpton is a racist laugh,
the whole damn world can kiss my ass.

I don't need nobody to hold my hand,
don't need nobody, I can stand
make my own way in a rock-n-roll band,
kiss my ass I'm an American.

Don't need no hippies to ban my gun,

Don't need no commies no Mao Tse Tung
rugged independence is a lotta fun,
I laugh so hard when I see em run.

I don't need nobody to hold my hand,
don't need nobody, I can stand
make my own way in a rock-n-roll band,

Don't ya think I'm taxed enuff?
maybe it's time to call your bluff
pimps & whores & welfare brats,
too much government way too fat,


Black Sheep of Exile gives this album 5 stars!
(update, this is the limited edition art work)

The album can be purchased at Ted Nugent's official website, too.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sin mascara....

La poesia de Adrian Benitez ve la luz.... Y es para nosotros un honor promocionar a este artista en La Oveja Negra!

Monday, January 14, 2008

La politica

I thought that y'all would love to see this: Porno Para Ricardo, featuring Los Aldeanos!
Exclusive for thir site, Porno Para Ricardo, and the Black Sheep of Exile!

Porno Para Ricardo enlisted the Aldeanos for this new release of la Política, a song that it's already a rebellious classic and that gives title to their album “A mi no me gusta la política, pero yo le gusto a ella compañero”.

The video clip was directed by Rodrigo J. Orizondo and its cinematography is te work of Javier Labrador. The new video shows the band and Aldeanos in an unprecedented collaboration, where the rebels of the Cuban punk rock host the most authentic representatives of the Habanero hip hop in the legendary studios of La Paja Records, also known as "Gorki's bedroom" to produce the video while they jam full blast, in spite of El Comandante, el Delegado, The General, El Comité and the cultural police.

The concert
As they did this past December 8th, Porno Para Ricardo keeps on defying the regime with flash performances, clandestine newsletters, and speaking in code so the news get to their local fans and fans from abroad who always visit them in the island, as the photographers and videographers who sent us the uncut material straight from the concert site. The old and abandoned Cine Avenida worn it old colors back, and brought its punk attitude to the forefront with the lads of Porno Para RIcardo. The flash concert was all a success, and Gorki told us that it had all the elements of the B movies of a Saturday night in Havana: foul language, violence (against the dictatorship) loud rock music, and nudity, since the members of the band stripped off their clothing. The golden note was given by Ciro and Ebert who played completely in the buff, at the end of the show to the the joy of their female fans. A friend of mine complained to me that Gorki was standing there wearing only a pair of jeans, so I told him to be more generous to his groupies!

Thanks to our friend Alessia for risking it all and for taking all the photos and the video y'all liked so much. Like her, there are many other people who risk everything and our best thank you goes to them, in the name of the band for all the help, which mean a lot to them....

We will be posting very soon the interview given by Gorki to Mickey Garrote, from agenda Cuba. Y'all will be able to obtain first hand information from the very frontman of the band, and you will also learn about his plans, opinions, and yes, his hopes. Also, we announce that we will be posting information about Porno Para Ricardo's lead guitarist and what he has in the works. Ciro's solo project, La Babosa del Mar Azul (the blue seas slug) is very promising!

Should you want to help the band please write to ppr@pornopararicardo.com.

At this moment we need guitar strings for both Gorki and Ciro, and also for the five-string bass played by Ebert. Do not forget to send drumsticks for Renay, the poor guy cannot keep on playing with shaved off broomsticks and guava tree twigs!
They also need memory flash drivers (2 GB or 4 GB) for them to send us the material for the new albums, new videos, and many photos of the band they have for y'all. Should one of you plan to go to Cuba or know of someone going to Cuba let us know so you can carry some of this stuff for them. Many thanks to y'all, rock'n'roll!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

independencia política

Gorki nos reitera su independencia politica.
En un corto mensaje, Gorki nos recuerda que Porno Para Ricardo es politícamente independiente, y que se rechaza el uso de su música, diseños, fotografías, videos, y letras de canciones sin autorización, no importa lo elevado de la causa que se diga defender.

Por supuesto, viniendo de una banda punk, Gorki rechaza de plano a los políticos y a los oportunistas, y sobretodo, a los que representan posiciones politícas que hieren a los cubanos de la isla, como se puede leer en las entrevistas concedidas exclusivamente a este website y publicadas tambien en el site de la banda.

A petición de Gorki, los autores de este blog, KillCastro y Charlie Bravo reproducen una declaración de la banda sobre la propiedad intelectual y que se puede leer en su website oficial:

«Porno Para Ricardo mantiene su independencia política por sobre todas las cosas, a la vez que somos muy individualistas, políticamente hablando.
No recibimos fondos de ninguna organización politica, ni se los damos tampoco.
No pertenecemos ni representamos ningun partido político de Cuba o de fuera de Cuba y por tanto no autorizamos el uso de nuestra música, o de la letra de nuestras canciones en forma ni medio alguno por parte de ninguna organización política como medios de campaña política ni de recaudación de fondos.
Todas las canciones, letras, música, imágenes, entrevistas, sitio web y audiovisuales producidos por Porno Para Ricardo son de propiedad intelectual exclusiva de la banda y todos los derechos estan reservados para uso único por parte nuestra.
Este material no se ha hecho para ser utilizado con propósitos políticos por nadie, mucho menos sin la expresa autorización por escrito por parte de Porno Para Ricardo.
Use nuestro material sin nuestra autorización y verá como su atrevimiento va a venir y le va a morder su mismísimo culo como un perro rabioso.
Palabra de rockeros punk!»

Para obtener permiso para reproducir públicamente la música de Porno Para Ricardo, se debe escribir a PPR@pornopararicardo.com.

Monday, January 7, 2008

En un cine abandonado....

Directamente desde la Habana, o no tanto, porque estas fotos recorrieron medio mundo en secreto antes de ser publicadas en exclusiva y simultáneamente en Porno Para Ricardo y the Black Sheep of Exile, les llegan a ustedes las imágenes del concierto de la banda en el abandonado Cine Avenida.

Las fotos fueron tomadas durante la actuación del grupo en la entreplatea del antiguo cine, en medio de un calor infernal y de una explosión de libertad artística en el corazón de la represión que impera en Cuba.

Para todos ustedes que siguen las peripecias del grupo desde distintos lugares del mundo, el agradecimiento de la banda, que es infinito. Imagenen el concierto, y recuerden lo que es sentirse libres a pesar de toda la vigilancia y el terrorismo de estado en un país donde pensar por si mismo es un grave delito. Y que decir de atreverse a desafiar al tirano, y a sus hermanos de la manera que lo hace Porno Para Ricardo, eso es algo impensable para muchos. Como se dice en la Habana, le pusieron un rabo al Barbatruco.

En las palabras de Gorki, poder dar este concierto fue como romper el bloqueo institucional l y el circulo de silencio impuesto por la dictadura y sus policias de la cultura alrededor de la banda. El publico se libera, la banda se libera, y la interaccion entre el publico y la banda llega a un climax que es realmente indescriptible. Mas que un concierto es un happening artistico, esto es art rock en vivo.

Naturalmente, no podemos mencionar los nombres de todos los que hicieron posible el concierto garantizando transporte, divulgación, organización, videos y fotografías con la mayor seguridad posible para la banda y el público. A todos ellos muchas gracias en nombre de Porno Para Ricardo.

(hagan click en las fotos para ver una version ampliada)

Gracias a Alessia por su valentia!