Friday, February 1, 2008

Across the Universe

All the Beatles' fans out there should know that NASA will start broadcasting the Beatle's song "Across the Universe" through the Galaxy all the way up to Polaris, a place also known as the North Star (for you Cuban balseros and Beatlemaniacs, we are talking about "La Estrella Polar")

Actually, I would have made it a double, and I would have smashed it with Lucy in Sky with Diamonds, for the heck of it.
The transmission will originate from NASA's giant antenna in Madrid, sending the mp3 of the song to the other end of the universe, I just hope those little green men have little green iPods....

Paul McCartney told NASA that he's got a message for those out of orbit beings: "Send my love to the aliens, all the best, Paul"

The only thing is that Lennon & Macca's hit will take some time to complete the trip from here to Polaris. Just kind of about 431 Earth years, since the damn star is about (put zeros to that) 2.5 quadrillion miles from your next record store.

Now I get suspicious.
This whole shindig is the idea of a Martin Lewis, a Los Angeles resident Beatles' historian. He secured permission from Macca and Yoko One, and Apple Corps... in a curious coincidence, the broadcasting will happen the day before the DVD of the musical "Across the Universe" is released in closer corners of the universe.

Call it marketing.
By the way, Macca says that all that noise that you heard about him having a heart attack is just Martian bullshit.