Friday, February 22, 2008

I didn't see it coming!

Well, a few readers complained that KillCastro and Charlie Bravo are taking it very easy with the Black Sheep of Exile, and urged us to keep our pace.
C'mon guys and gals, we are just two of us and there's a lot to write about in this world.
But this is a more relaxed environment than our other blog, KillCastro, and well....
A couple of gals wrote to me asking me to review the photos of Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe. What? Yes....
They probably were being funny, since they are friends, and they know me well.
These two gals also know that KillCastro and Charlie Bravo are unrepentant rockers, so they know that we are not gonna cut shy from pretty gals. It comes with the rocking attitude, babes. I didn't see the question coming!
What about Lohan?
I certainly didn't know much about her.
I didn't even know about the famous photos. Both of us were busy shreding Obby and Hillree, and we didn't notice. But, well, these gals opened my eyes to a chunk of reality I was unfortunately ignoring!
What do we think about the photos?
Gal looks great!