Thursday, March 27, 2008

If you dont have facts ... MAKE THEM UP

This has a subtitle..
Accents, slangs and stupidity

The extreme control exerted from Cubans in Nort Cuba is REALLY getting to a point where you wonder what in hell their motives are.

Here we have a group of people (NOT ALL – I KNOW a LOT of Cubans in Miami DO have a head on their shoulders and it is actually attached to the rest of their bodies). Who do not , will NOT allow anything from Cuba to receive the credit it deserves.
And we are not talking about some miracle vaccine those motherfuckers swear thay have invented. We are talking about Cubans who have chosen to live in CUBA, confront the KaSStrist regime in its own lair and refuse to leave. Why ? simple .. let KaSStro leave , this is MY COUNTRY.

God , if we all had had those gonads ther would be no KaSStro.

But from this side of the pond we have the lizard brains who can not accept that anyone can critizice the communist regime and get away with it.

So for those idiots a little lesson in CREATIVE LIFE IN KUBA

When you hear a musician , a painter a poet in fact anything new and fresh, it is new to YOU.

These Heros (cause I have no other word to describe them) have suffered what you can not imagine and we can actually feel because we were victims of the same treatment.

When you hear Porno para Ricardo, Carlos Varela, Punto y Coma perform , prior to that performance have been uncountable incarcerations, threats, phone tapings , survellaince etc.

None of these people woke up one day and said .”Oh I will climb on a stage , make my feelings known and the government will respect my fundamental human right of free speech” , IT DOES NOT HAPPEN THAT WAY , Perucho!

Behind that concert lies a capitulation on the part of the government a taciturn understanding that things will not go past a certain line.

You hear time and time again “If they are speaking against KaSStro WITHIN Kuba they are ñangaras, with an agenda” YOU STUPID AND UNINFORMED TWIT”

These people have gathered an underground following that WILL revolt if these artists suddenly disappear from the scene.

The part that YOU , Mr or Mrs. “I would not go to CUBA until I can land and go directly to EL ENCANTO and get some alligator shoes” miss is that the absolute power of the Cuban government can NOT be unleashed on a singer with a song to sing.

It is the same reason the USA does not nuke the middle east to kindom come & gone. Who needs the aggravation of dealing with world wide protests.

Just as you would not flip a stake with a bulldozer, the government HAS to withstand this dissent delivered in the form of art. The best strategy here is to look the other way.

When I saw Punto y Coma live , I was sure la Fiana would be coming in any moment and I stood up and asked their answer was poignant and funny . “Why do you think we have the stage facing the main door? Later I learned they all have suffered some kind of ACTO DE REPUDIO but they kept at it. Porno para Ricardo is another example. Although at the very beginning of their “discovery” by Cuban/Americans through Killcastro, the emails were fast and furious “This guy is a ñangara , that’s why he can speak like that, he is a mole he is shit , he gotta be … AH .. FUCK YOU , you paranoid freak.

What the hell do YOU know about Cuba? Ever ate an ice cream at COPELIA ? NO? Then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

When the premier voice of descent in Cuba Carlos Varela was booked to play some venue in Miami , the concert was boycotted . “God, nothing goes past these guardians of freedom and justice.. Does it?”

They had not listen to Carlos, they did not know what his story was, they did not know that this man’s talent is such that members of the communist party had to convice KaSStro to leave him the fuck alone, because he was a nuke bomb who fortunately had not opted to set himself off.

And THAT is life in Cuba, How do you think we got to this point? , where the government is crumbling like a sand castle in a Caribbean storm. It has been inch by inch, and every inch has been fought to the death.

Now, I hear the most unfounded fabrications against Carlos Varela.

He is NOT Cuban, he doesn’t sound Cuban , he doesn’t speak for Cubans in the island. It is a ruse.

Oh man, this is one reason I don’t own a gun.

You could be from Miramar, el Vedado, Marianao and we ALL have a slight but different accent.

If you are from las quimbambas , then sure he doesn’t sound ANYTHING like you.

So here are some facts: Carlitos (as he is known) is not only Cuban , he has chosen to live in relative humility even though his records sell in Latin America at a rate close to Shakira , and HIS are the only ANTICOMMUNIST words the youth of Latin America hears!.

Unlike Jorge Perugorría who has demanded a life of luxury only a few miles from KaSStros REAL PUNTO CERO , Carlitos still wonders around 5th ave and El Rio Almendares, stopping to play in La Puntilla o la Chorerra. His reason detra is to perform, the riches means nothing.

Now, if you are from the Vedado, Marianao, Miramar area all you need to do is play Carlos CD and listen to him speak.

There is a tiny little intro in which he stops the music and says in typical cheeky Habanero “ me ‘quivoque” and then an endearing giggle before the next count down.

That is ONE 100% HABANERO and if you want to discredit the man come up with more robust reasons , cause this just stamps your forehead with the seal of the intran sASSholic twat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Knock on the door....

of the Churchill club....

....and tell'em that Guajiro and the Black Sheep told you to show up!

Well, we hope it flies with the bouncer!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One year...

About a year ago, we launched the Black Sheep of Exile to discuss a lot of things that were happening at the same time than heavier political stuff that we write at all times for KillCastro.

In the Black Sheep of Exile we have written about many other things, like arts –who knew that both of us have a knack for painting and for music- and in this venue we have even told stories about our lives, and discussed music at all times. We have dedicated a lot of space to Porno Para Ricardo, and to other Cuban bands that have been emerging in the island taking blows and dusting the whole place whenever they hit the legs of castroism with their musical sledgehammers.

We actually created the blog on March 29th, whipped up the graphics in a snap and decided on the motto “irreverent musings and rantings by two angry guys” in one of our lengthy phone conversations were we discuss everything from music, art, editorial content, and our lives. I mean, almost all we talk about get to the blogs, even when we talk about our weird dreams.

It’s been funny because friends and foes have always mistaken our work for one another’s, which we love, by the way. Think John & Paul, Mick & Keith, and Gorki & Ciro and you get the picture. Of course our blogs are rock’n roll too. I mean, I guess they are rock’n roll first and foremost, and that our politics are defined by how much we were determined to enjoy rock’n roll and be rockers while that old man castro was determined that we weren’t to be.

At the time, we have been given the trust of knowing that Manuel Tellechea –or Mr. T. as we call him- was launching his brand new blog. We were happy that he had found the time to write it, because the gentleman was devoting way too much time to write in other blogs so why not have his own. So the first post –till today we don’t know how it has managed to appear both as first and second post- was devoted to give Manuel its welcome to the jungle that is the blogosphere.

The Black Sheep serves also as creative outlet and as a back up. Once we hosted here a bunch of posts written for KillCastro when it was under attack, way back then.

To all our secret admirers, well don’t send us flowers!
Instead send USB flash memory drives and equipment to Cuban bloggers so they keep on working in spite the attempts to silence them.

Thanks to y’all who put up with us in both blogs, and who have the infinite patience to read us!

FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2007
Black Sheep of Exile

irreverent musings and rantings by two angry guys.
Well, it had to happen one day.
We were given a cool name by someone who thought he was insulting us, and here, here we are with still another blog.
Who would have told you?
Two angry guys, with two cool blogs with scorching hot names!
Our other blog, KillCastro, has generated interest, controversy, and have given us a lot of joys, this one, the Black Sheep of Exile, was just born yesterday, but it's another venue where our musings and rantings will be vented. Now we just have to figure out how on Hell are we going to find time to maintain both blogs, juggle work, life, and the many projects in which we are involved.
Read at your own risk!


FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2007
BLOG Reviews coming up!

Well, we all have seen Mr. Manuel Tellechea’s work on a number of blogs. The gentleman has a knack for pissing people off, and I think at his age there is no self-editing switch.... Whatever is in his mind winds up on the post. Sometimes it is frustrating sometimes down right funny.
Today I got news he has followed a LOT of people's advise and opened up his own blog where he can harangue to his hearts delight BUT…. His blog has an interesting twist.... he will rate the honesty, quality and patriotism of all CUBAN-AMERICAN blogs! (ay-ay-ay LOOSY)
The name of the blog will be "The Review of Cuban-American Blogs" and should see the light of day sometime today.

Now this is gonna be interesting!

(PS: we are publishing this anniversary post today because both of us will be incredibly busy by the 29th)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

God is mambo crazed

Cachao is now playing bass in heaven, and God's dancing the mambo.
One of the most influential musicians in many styles, from danzon, mambo, cha cha cha, to early fusion jazz has passed away, in Coral Gables.
Cachao was 89, and he died surrounded by family and friends after a short illness.
A man of absolutely no presumptions, with a modesty that was larger than his artistic life, Cachao left Cuba in 1962, to go to Spain and after performing there for a couple of years moved to New York City -where he found the salsa environment not satisfying- and then onto Las Vegas, where he played in clubs and shows.
His talent was not recognized at it fullest, and Cachao moved to Miami where he lived in obscurity performing in weddings and bar mitzvahs until in 1993 he was "discovered" by Andy Garcia and the Eschefans, 31 years after he had left Cuba. Out of a sudden, he was brought to the forefront and his never fading star was seen in public for the first time by a world wide audience.
One is left to wonder why the musical establishment choose to ignore this talent, and this monumental human being for so long.
He was always there, and Cubans with love for their culture and music always knew where to find Cachao. He would put together -as he used to say- a combo for a party in no time. He would just sit at the piano, play a bit, and then when a pianist showed up he would jump at his famous bass and play like no other.
One is left to wonder how is that the Eschefans "discovered him" after the roaring eighties, when they were already famous as artists and powerful as producers.
Contrary to what Andy Garcia might say, with Cachao an era doesn't end, Cachao was not an "ender" but rather the creator of new eras, of new styles, and a teacher, professor, and maestro to many new generations of musicians, who go from typical soneros, to the Beatles -don't tell me that Paul McCartney didn't drink from the source of Cuban music, many moons ago- and yes, to modern day Cuban punk bass players. There's nothing that ends, because Cachao has not been erased or has disappeared from our memories and from the musical universe he helped transform, and nothing ends because his creations are here for posterity.
Cachao was shy of the limelight. He was a man of honor, and he will be always a Cuban genius, today when he is doing the mambo and God is smiling.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Dandy and the Governors

Well, well, well....
A British dandy is forbidden entry to the United States on the grounds of moral turpitude....
Sebastian Horsley was sent packing his lavish clothes back to Britain, ironically, from the airport that is the entry to the Garden State and New York, the two places which have regaled us with three morally inept governors. Even more ironically, the airport is called Liberty.
I just have to wonder, would Oscar Wilde be denied entry if he resurrected and showed up today in Manhattan? What about Jose Marti -the most modestly dressed dandy of them all?
Will they come after the extravagant and the unusual?
Will they come after the independent thinkers, afterwards?
And my last question would be.... should they just tolerate non-creative types like those corrupt and morally degraded governors just because their political affiliations?
I know, I know, those are too many questions.
Down with hypocrisy, already, or this country will become like an extension of Cuba without any further notice!

I think I will buy his book, Dandy in the Underworld.

Monday, March 17, 2008

El Comandante....

Porno Para Ricardo cantandole las cuarenta al Comandante....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

8/11: terror in the times of elections...

ETA killed and ex-councilman, socialist Isais Carrasco, in front of his daughter and wife.
The victim sat at the wheel of his car, and immediately thereafter came under a hail of fire. He was shot five times through the windshield of his car and then given a failed coup de grace. He died of his injuries in a nearby hospital.
ETA, that brainchild raised on the bloody milk from the teats of Castro, is trying to do what they did with the Moors on 3/11, four years ago. They are trying to destroy the future of Spain by the means of terror.

ETA has gained a lot of ground in their terror activities due to the leniency and the weakness of the Zapatista regime, and today all Spaniards are paying a tribute of blood, a tax blood, for that. Maybe that's the price of liberty. A forty-two year old man assassinated in front of his family will unify the country against terror on this election week-end and hopefully the new government is going to show some resolve in destroying ETA from once and all.

Also, ETA has kidnapped the Basque country and tries to force a separation from Spain of what is an organic nature. It's like cutting a foot because the toe nails have been painted a different color from the other foot. It's that absurd. ETA uses the phrase "in the name of the people" to trick the (willing) international public opinion into saying that the represent "the Basques", while they represent the lowest and dirtiest element in the far left spectrum, as taught by their master and guru Fidel Castro.

Viva España!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mad Magazine!

Courtesy of our reader Michi.

Mad Magazine is an old time favorite of mine.... I read it since I was a kid, from the day I discover a huge collection of it stashed away in a closet (concrete slab homes do not have attics....)
Spy versus Spy, by Prohias was always a treat.
And well, Alfred H. Newman, the main character of the magazine promised a lot of fun in the amazingly well drawn cartoons in every issue. Mad was great as an educational tool, too -cringe members of the academia- you actually can learn some English with the magazine when you're eight!

At that age "What me worry?" is a deep philosophical question, as Alfred H. Newman would said.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

El General

Porno Para Ricardo predicted the result of the farcical "elections" in Cuba....

Monday, March 3, 2008

Jeff Healey, see you somewhere....

One of the things I dislike the most is to write about the world missing yet another talent.
Jeff Healey succumbed to cancer at the untimely age of 41.
One wonders why a man who in spite being blind since he was a toddler, who discover guitar and played with it like an angel with a harp has to suffer so much and pass away.
Oh, well.... God's heavenly choir just got better.
The slide guitar, the rocking rifts, and the bluesy voice of Jeff Healey are only making it greater.