Saturday, March 8, 2008

8/11: terror in the times of elections...

ETA killed and ex-councilman, socialist Isais Carrasco, in front of his daughter and wife.
The victim sat at the wheel of his car, and immediately thereafter came under a hail of fire. He was shot five times through the windshield of his car and then given a failed coup de grace. He died of his injuries in a nearby hospital.
ETA, that brainchild raised on the bloody milk from the teats of Castro, is trying to do what they did with the Moors on 3/11, four years ago. They are trying to destroy the future of Spain by the means of terror.

ETA has gained a lot of ground in their terror activities due to the leniency and the weakness of the Zapatista regime, and today all Spaniards are paying a tribute of blood, a tax blood, for that. Maybe that's the price of liberty. A forty-two year old man assassinated in front of his family will unify the country against terror on this election week-end and hopefully the new government is going to show some resolve in destroying ETA from once and all.

Also, ETA has kidnapped the Basque country and tries to force a separation from Spain of what is an organic nature. It's like cutting a foot because the toe nails have been painted a different color from the other foot. It's that absurd. ETA uses the phrase "in the name of the people" to trick the (willing) international public opinion into saying that the represent "the Basques", while they represent the lowest and dirtiest element in the far left spectrum, as taught by their master and guru Fidel Castro.

Viva España!