Friday, March 21, 2008

The Dandy and the Governors

Well, well, well....
A British dandy is forbidden entry to the United States on the grounds of moral turpitude....
Sebastian Horsley was sent packing his lavish clothes back to Britain, ironically, from the airport that is the entry to the Garden State and New York, the two places which have regaled us with three morally inept governors. Even more ironically, the airport is called Liberty.
I just have to wonder, would Oscar Wilde be denied entry if he resurrected and showed up today in Manhattan? What about Jose Marti -the most modestly dressed dandy of them all?
Will they come after the extravagant and the unusual?
Will they come after the independent thinkers, afterwards?
And my last question would be.... should they just tolerate non-creative types like those corrupt and morally degraded governors just because their political affiliations?
I know, I know, those are too many questions.
Down with hypocrisy, already, or this country will become like an extension of Cuba without any further notice!

I think I will buy his book, Dandy in the Underworld.