Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One year...

About a year ago, we launched the Black Sheep of Exile to discuss a lot of things that were happening at the same time than heavier political stuff that we write at all times for KillCastro.

In the Black Sheep of Exile we have written about many other things, like arts –who knew that both of us have a knack for painting and for music- and in this venue we have even told stories about our lives, and discussed music at all times. We have dedicated a lot of space to Porno Para Ricardo, and to other Cuban bands that have been emerging in the island taking blows and dusting the whole place whenever they hit the legs of castroism with their musical sledgehammers.

We actually created the blog on March 29th, whipped up the graphics in a snap and decided on the motto “irreverent musings and rantings by two angry guys” in one of our lengthy phone conversations were we discuss everything from music, art, editorial content, and our lives. I mean, almost all we talk about get to the blogs, even when we talk about our weird dreams.

It’s been funny because friends and foes have always mistaken our work for one another’s, which we love, by the way. Think John & Paul, Mick & Keith, and Gorki & Ciro and you get the picture. Of course our blogs are rock’n roll too. I mean, I guess they are rock’n roll first and foremost, and that our politics are defined by how much we were determined to enjoy rock’n roll and be rockers while that old man castro was determined that we weren’t to be.

At the time, we have been given the trust of knowing that Manuel Tellechea –or Mr. T. as we call him- was launching his brand new blog. We were happy that he had found the time to write it, because the gentleman was devoting way too much time to write in other blogs so why not have his own. So the first post –till today we don’t know how it has managed to appear both as first and second post- was devoted to give Manuel its welcome to the jungle that is the blogosphere.

The Black Sheep serves also as creative outlet and as a back up. Once we hosted here a bunch of posts written for KillCastro when it was under attack, way back then.

To all our secret admirers, well don’t send us flowers!
Instead send USB flash memory drives and equipment to Cuban bloggers so they keep on working in spite the attempts to silence them.

Thanks to y’all who put up with us in both blogs, and who have the infinite patience to read us!

FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2007
Black Sheep of Exile

irreverent musings and rantings by two angry guys.
Well, it had to happen one day.
We were given a cool name by someone who thought he was insulting us, and here, here we are with still another blog.
Who would have told you?
Two angry guys, with two cool blogs with scorching hot names!
Our other blog, KillCastro, has generated interest, controversy, and have given us a lot of joys, this one, the Black Sheep of Exile, was just born yesterday, but it's another venue where our musings and rantings will be vented. Now we just have to figure out how on Hell are we going to find time to maintain both blogs, juggle work, life, and the many projects in which we are involved.
Read at your own risk!


FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2007
BLOG Reviews coming up!

Well, we all have seen Mr. Manuel Tellechea’s work on a number of blogs. The gentleman has a knack for pissing people off, and I think at his age there is no self-editing switch.... Whatever is in his mind winds up on the post. Sometimes it is frustrating sometimes down right funny.
Today I got news he has followed a LOT of people's advise and opened up his own blog where he can harangue to his hearts delight BUT…. His blog has an interesting twist.... he will rate the honesty, quality and patriotism of all CUBAN-AMERICAN blogs! (ay-ay-ay LOOSY)
The name of the blog will be "The Review of Cuban-American Blogs" and should see the light of day sometime today.

Now this is gonna be interesting!

(PS: we are publishing this anniversary post today because both of us will be incredibly busy by the 29th)