Friday, April 11, 2008

The new Marianne

A cropped 10" x 13" photo of the French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy sold for a cool $91,000.00
(I love the French when they are Italian, viva Carla Bruni e Napoleon!)
The photo was taken by Michel Comte in 1993, when Carla Bruni was a high rolling model strutting creations for French fashion houses, she looks better in the buff, I would said.
There's no word if the French are going to replace the Marianne -the symbol of the republic- with this new symbol.
I wish they did.
At least they don't have a ridiculous fundamentalist who would drape the bare breasts of female statues like we used to do....
Remember that guy, Ashcroft?
To honor the truth, the non-cropped photo doesn't look that great.
The composition is not good, and her legs are in quite an unnatural position, the balance doesn't seem to be right.
Cropping the photo did a lot for it in terms of composition.

And I know that you're asking there under your breath.... and what does this have to do with Cuba?
Well, nothing.
But urban legend has it...
The Alma Mater of the University of Havana by Mario Korbel (1919) is not faithful to the typical Latin matron that inspires such statues, after all Alma Mater means nourishing mother. The face of the statue is that of a teenage beauty, 16-year-old Feliciana "Chana" Villalón, the daughter of José Ramón Villalón y Sánchez, a professor of analytical mathematics at the University.
And the same with the statue representing the Cuban republic at the national Capitol, in Havana.
Angelo Zanelli modeled his vision of Cuban Liberty not on the typical embodiment of the classical Latin heroine, instead he used the face of Elena de Cardenas, the wife of his friend Stefano Calcavecchia, a Cuban woman with a classical beauty. Now, for the body he went seeking for inspiration and some say also for solace, in Lily Valty, a voluptuous creole beauty.

So there's nothing wrong if the symbol of the République Française softens up its austerity and gets a new face of sensuality.
Don't get me any ideas for the statue of Liberty, since I have my own idealized vision for it....