Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Got that Obby?

The Ladies in White write to you.
The Old Man with the Colostomy Bag writes about you.

Interesting, you seem to be in the minds of everyone now and even the critique penned by your long distance mentor is kind of favorable to you. People are starting to understand that due to your nature, you can both be a pet disciple of Castro, or due to political reasons a tool in his demise. High time.

I still don't trust you. I think that in the fight for the wheel of the country Castro would rather prefer to see you -or Hillree- sitting comfortably in the Oval office instead of McCain. I heard that the joke in the inner circles in Cuba is that they are calling you McAbel, like in McCain versus McAbel. Castro is certainly very pleased that you, one of his Manchurian Candidates is perceived by throngs of supporters as a quasi Messianic figure. He would advise you to keep on making women faint, to lay hands on people for instant healing, and maybe -if Criss Angel teaches you how- you could even walk on water. By the way, try hard the loaves and the fish trick, castro pulled the stunt with the white dove, but the closest he got to fish and bread was la libreta.

Castro wasn't counting on one thing, though. That the Ladies in White wrote those letters to you asking you to intercede for the political prisoners and to allow travels and remittances. The poor women are being demonized right now for people who have never experienced in their lifetimes a tenth of what they experience in a day in their lives. Of course, they will also write to Hilree. They are writing to you because they think you've got a big chance to win, according to the reports they read in the American and international press. But boy, that letter pissed off the old crap bagger. That's why he administered a few slaps on your wrists on what is otherwise his more candid and warm endorsement ever written by him to any American candidate since John F. Kennedy.

Now, if you get that set of keys to the biggest house on Pennsylvania Avenue, you've got a promise to maintain, to work for the liberation of the thousands of political prisoners in Cuba -there are much more than 300, you should know that- and to allow people to travel to Cuba without restrictions, and to send down there as much money as they want. If you prefer to keep those policies and the dry foot wet foot, your puppet master in Havana will be happy -and also many of his so called foes, the hyphenated politicos- but you will piss off a bunch of people on both sides of the straits. That's the mouthful you're getting. Now let's see how you chew it.... raul wouldn't talk to you, and you'd risk becoming the object at the receiving end of the mighty wrath of fidel, something you really would like to avoid. After all, they expect a lot of gratitude from you!

A reminder, you cannot serve your masters at the same time you are for the Cuban's people "libertad" as you said in Miami. I really don't want to be in your shoes!

(note, we published this article on the Black Sheep while KillCastro was briefly unaccessible earlier this afternoon)