Monday, June 2, 2008

Kurt Cobain ashes stolen

When Nirvana's Kurt Cobain killed himself in 1994, part of his ashes were scattered in a Bhuddist Temple in New York, not far from where I used to live.

Some other ashes were left at his home in Washington State, while his widow Courtney kept the remainder in a pink teddy bear which has been given to her by Cobain. The teddy bear also contain a lock of his famous blond hair.

A couple of weeks ago the teddy bear was stolen, and some clothing and mementos of the late rocker, including jewels, also disappeared. The widow has been known for taking the ashes with her everywhere, and she's now very upset and depressed, as it is just logical. There have been also a number of reports that somebody using the singer's social security number has tried to appropriate money from different unspecified funds.

There are sick people in this world.
Who knows what they plan to do with the ashes, but I would not surprised if they are used in some sort of black magic ritual of if the voleurs ask for ransom to return them.