Saturday, June 28, 2008

What have I been up to?

Welcome back to the Black Sheep.....

I've been up to a lot, lately.
First and foremost, I have a construction project on the way....
Take a look:

What's that?

More interesting information let me tell y'all how was Porno Para Ricardo's flash concert last night.

At the home of an American diplomat stationed in Havana, Porno Para Ricardo rocked the place and brought to a 100 people strong public a selection of new themes and their classic oldies.

Porno Para Ricardo answered to a surprise invitation to perform before a public that has been missing them lately, in a very tight place with a few sound problems.... troubles notwithstanding, they offered a show that is unique in Cuba on these days: musicians that are free inside their on selves, give their best for their fans who also liberate themselves during the show. For as shameful as it sounds, the American diplomats asked Porno Para Ricardo not to perform "El Comandante" and "El General", apparently censorship and political correctness have found a common nest in Havana.

Very few musicians in Cuba dare to offer their alternative and rebellious art for free to a public who is totally identified with them. For the members of the band it's more important to showcase their word than to be paid for their participation in these kind of flash concerts. They feel recognized and very rewarded after being able to give the concert goers a glimpse of what happens behind closed doors at the studios of La Paja Records.

Porno Para Ricardo can't be silenced by the culture police nor the thought police.
They cannot even rehearse any more at this moment, but they continue composing their music and they bring their art forward in these flash presentations.

The band thanks the public for their generosity and upbeat spirits and the public thanks the band for daring to bring them a show that is not very often seen on the stages of Cuba nowadays.

For more, y'all know where to look, the band's website!