Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blockade, the real one

The real blockade under which Cuba survives on daily struggle is the blockade of information and goods that the tyranny has impossed on the Cuban people.
There are several voices that the "government of Cuba" seeks to silence, not only those of Porno Para Ricardo, the emergent alternative art scene, the independent writers and journalists who are exposing the truth about Cuba to the outside world, but also the Cuban bloggers who are writing against the party line.
One refuses to follow the party line and one's voice is silenced and robbed from the public realm. That's the way it goes in Cuba.
Yoani's blog, Generacion Y is the latest casualty in the information war. Let's rescue her and not leave our own behind.
She's distributing the contents of her blog free of charge withing Cuba, making copies so people without connectivity can read it.
The blockade is just domestic.
We can read the blog abroad, though. The government does not want the Cuban people to read what that valiant woman has to say, but by the same token they want to give the impression to the readers abroad that Yoani has not been censored at all.
Let's help her.
Read her blog. Copy everything. Find the way to send the copies to Cuba, as you see fit, so the Cuban people can break the informational blockade and have access to the creators within the island.
Todos estamos en la misma celda, as Gorki once famously sang.