Tuesday, July 8, 2008

China, North Korea, Iran

Well, let's see....

China: Walmart Paradise, Olympic Games, turn a blind eye on their abuses and gross violations of each and everyone of the universally recognized human rights.

North Korea: from dusk to dawn North Korea was taken out the list of rogue states, no matter how criminal the Kim Jong Il regime is. Human rights anyone?

Iran: Trade with Iran actually grew during the Bush years. Everything from technological gadgets to bull semen -and probably bullshit too- is being sold to Iran. In the meantime, you were reading in the service agreements of every software item that they could not be sold to Iran. Those screams were the executed in the gallows and the stonned-to-death women. Never mind human rights. Never mind Bush and Mahmmud I-mean-Jihad posing as tough guys versus one another.

And some people are still surprised that the USA is the biggest economic partner of the regime headed by Raul Castro.... It's all a matter of being consistent in dealing with some selected and hand-picked tyrants.

By the way, those computers sold in Cuba come with a factory installed copy of Windows XP Home Edition.... Quietly, the Cuban government is being accepted into the "mainstream" and sooner than later we will see that the tyranny will end up by enjoying a lot of benefits like the other "rogue states". The Cuban people? Oh yeah, they say hello!

(curious note: in any of those four countries you can jail a blogger. No, really, I made it up, bloggers are NOT even tolerated in North Korea!)