Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't you have any questions?

On why the Messiah B'rack Hussein Obama El Hajji's trip to Afghanistan, his trip to Iraq, and his European séjour are so well covered by the press versus similar trips by John McCain?
A year ago, John McCain was in Iraq.
Not a lot of printing press noises or camera hums about that.
In March, or May, I just don't remember, he called for a joint trip to Iraq with B'rack Hussein Obama. The Obamunistas called it a campaign stunt, and the press obliged by repeating the phrase two or three times, before they buried the story.
Let's face it, boys and gals, Obama took this trip now, barely four months before the general election with a carefully written script of no political weight whatsoever, and only when he was pressed by his counterpart.
Maybe he didn't offend the wonderful Muslims of that area.
The worst part is that people still believe that he is presidential material.
For a Muslim country, maybe.