Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doubts and certitudes

I doubted that I would devote myself to chronicle the trips of Obama.
I have the certitude that I am not really doing it.
Obama doubts about visiting the Wailing Wall. If he goes, well, it will have the same degree of honesty and authenticity than when Carlos Santana kissed those stones. Zilch.
What he is certain about is that he will visit Gaza, where he will enjoy the company of his newly founded army of body guards, the Al-Aqsa Brigade, an "organization" that has been internationally recognized as -what they are- terrorists.
This is his litmus test.
If the Jenizars of the Palestinan Authority do not kidnap him, then it will mean that he's seen as a Muslim leader with a similar philosophy by that corps, which actually has kidnapped the Palestinian population at large under their reign of terror.
If they do kidnap him, then we can be sure he is a Christian. And for them, a Christian and a Jew are worth nothing. Just ask the Christians and the Jews in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
Let's see how it plays out.
I can tell you that Obama will be all smiles in his return trip.

Yes, the Obama campaign has asked for permission to use the Gate of Brandenburg as a background for a rally.
C'mon, be understanding, he's trying to channel Kennedy and Reagan. He will say "I am a hamburger!"