Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer! (Light)

(shamelessly lifted from Ms Calabaza's patch)
This is what this poster looks like; plain old Nazi propaganda.
Which in turn, looked like plain old Soviet propaganda posters, just to close the circle.
The presidential seal was also "altered" by the propaganda komissars in another instance, to make Obama look more powerful than he already is, and to send a subliminal blast with an image that would be close of that of him perched on the presidential podium. The words "Vero Possumus", floating over the eagle, are the translation into Latin of "yes, we can". To me, it sounds as if the real Obama is playing 'possum all along, and then the monster will wake up once the man is in office. True Opossum.

When a propaganda komissar resorts to this tricks we are not facing good times.
My prediction: some white doves are to come. And we all know what happens with this kind of politicos and white doves.