Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fourth of July

Ah, another Fourth of July.
Far from the home base, but well….
Independence Day at least is not a commercialized holiday, and one can celebrate as one see fit, without silly costumes or without being assaulted by market driven strategies designed to get people into compulsory shopping sprees.
We can celebrate the greatness of the country where we found liberty, and its generosity, without being subject to pressure to praise its government. We can celebrate that what we are and who we are also part of the independent spirit of America, which is the core of the celebration.
Let’s light the fireworks here, showing you some patriotic gals.
As you know the authors of this blog are red blooded rock’n roll dudes, and rock’n roll is famed for being all about chicks, booze, and music. Let’s skip the drugs, which we don’t do, and show the chicks in the Old Glory in all their glory:
Nothing like a good flare up between beauties. Texan Jess and Canadian born, newly minted American Pam are at odds, but they show their blue, red and white with pride and joy.

And so do the Dahm triplets, resorting to nothing else but body painting.

For the gals, we leave y’all with Jimi Hendrix and Uncle Ted (not Kennedy, Nugent)!
Happy Fourth of July!

And some Steve Vai fueled anthem....