Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a good game of hoops

Barack Hussein Obama wants to install a regulation basketball court in the White House.
Yes. We will be in dire straits and he will be throwing a mean game of hoops there with his cronies.

Fortunately, Historic Preservation officers (have privately) said: "no way, Hussein!", so the basketball floor can't be outside but he could sue and have it installed in the basement of the White House.

Next step: The White House will be featured in MTV's CRIBS! I am just dying to see the big screen tv, the Kool Aid in the fridge, and a few whips in the driveway.

The decor of the White House will be the scarier one from the days of Scarecrow Carter, and the Clintons with Tacky Kaky, their interior designer. Well, to be honest, the Clintons actually took all their junk out of Da House when they left, plus a truckload of valuable possessions that weren't theirs.

W has been a lousy president, but at least he didn't transform the White House in Frat Boys' Paradise, or made it into Ranch Hands' Heaven.
More coffee.