Friday, July 25, 2008

Have they forgotten?

They probably did.
Because thay cannot be so ignorant that they don't know that the most powerful "ghost" position in American politics is the one of "speech-writer".

The Obamunistas are all in awe repeating how great the speech by the Obamamessiah in Berlin was. Better than Kennedy. Better than Reagan. They say. Maybe the teleprompter was real good German engineering and Obama can read very well. But what you heard was the ideological banter of his handlers and not his own philosophy, because the guy is just a sonic political boombox.

Not that I expect anything different in a John McCain's speech.
American politicians of a certain level don't speak their minds that freely. Thanks God for the speech-writers. Otherwise the amount of fumblegoogledeegook that we would be ear fed would amount to acoustic poisoning.

Reagan was a great communicator, and so was Bill Clinton.
The speeches came from others' pens.
They were no Churchills.
Let alone that functional illiterate, Kennedy, who is responsible for the cheapening of the political speech in this country. Compare his rhetoric with that of his predecessors and you will see when slang started permeating the political discourse. Populism?
Cult of personality?
Too bad that he was a New England elitist with very little personality and many complexes.

Anyways, I was talking about Obama.
What can I tell you, snake oil salesman did better, historically speaking, because at least their speech was their own.

Don't turn off that teleprompter, because he will call inhalers breathalizers (maybe thinking of his own DUI experiences?) or will call for Arabic translators in Afghanistan -Pashtun or Dari, plus many dialects dear Obby. He heard the familiar Arabic call for prayer coming from the mosque minaret and he thought, oh my, this folks speak Arabic!

Now, tell me one thing....
Does one gain "presidential level foreign policy experience" just because of a trip (wife safely stayed home, not to offend the Imams) to the Middle East and Europe? Where's the foreign policy work he has done?

But well, people keep believing that he's gonna walk over water.
Don't tell me that I didn't try to open your eyes.