Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's not Chappaquidick!

Some liberal bloggers and journos have been making a lot of noise for Bob Novak hitting a pedestrian in downtown Washington DC and allegedly running away, without any further proof of that. The pedestrian was treated and released at the G.W. University Hospital, and Bob Novak was fined. One is doing fine, the other got a fine, understood?

He didn't kill a person, but the accusations leveled against him look like he did it intentionally and that he ran away. He claims he didn't see the pedestrian, which only tells me that if I were him I would just not drive anymore. He was stopped, told of what happened, and he didn't try to evade responsibility. Apparently, that's not good enough in this town.

Now, the press in Washington DC would like to see Novak tarred and feathered, they are even digging up that in the past he yelled at a jaywalker, and as you well know those things make you into an aggressive driver, a heretic killer, a monster, and a son of a gun (hey, my name for that is "PROFESSIONAL ENVY")

Interestingly enough, nobody is citing the testimony of the pedestrian, or what Bob Novak has to say about this. All the testimonies cited by the press are by people who hate Novak, which is not a great way to render justice. They could not find a witness that didn't hate Novak.

Now, those who haven't yelled or cursed at a fellow driver or pedestrian, cast the first stone!