Thursday, July 31, 2008

La Babosa Azul: high fidelity!

This is the second album by La Babosa Azul, the alternative band led by Ciro the already famous guitar player for Porno Para Ricardo....
The album is "Cuando Amanezca el Dia" and y'all will soon read a review of it....
Rock on!
As in the Beatles' "Abbey Road - Let it Be" case, the order of the second and first album gets inverted in the release.... because.... we are making Fidel & Raul go CRAZY!!!!
Ciro and the band are releasing this album free for all their fans, so enjoy it as it was first heard in the Black Sheep of Exile!

In the best punk tradition, you must download the album and the covers, and build your own album out of those pieces.... Sooner than later, we are going to release Ciro's first album at, and it's just a question of time to get the material from Porno Para Ricardo and release their fourth album!