Thursday, July 24, 2008

liberal magazine editors of the world, unite!

I thought that different publications compete for the attention -and the money- of the readers, but.... among liberal magazines, they show one another solidarity.
Yes, in a very socialistic way.
One liberal magazine express his solidarity, drawing a cartoon of.... not the same candidate, but of his opponent!
That's the reasoning behind this cartoon that graces the cover of Vanity Fair
To me, that so called solidarity, would have been best expressed by ripping the Muslim garments off the very Obamamessiah's body, as well. For some reason, they choose McCain to express that solidarity, apparently bugged by the lack of response of McCain to other cartoons. They need to understand that he's only sporting some showmanship and grace by not getting irked by those cartoons. He knows that a presidential candidate and also a president are fair game and targets.