Saturday, July 19, 2008


Presidential hopeful John McCain is not only commanding in the town hall meeting field, but he's taking the job of promoting the Chevrolet Volt as his own.
When Al "Gas Bag" Gore calls both candidates to run in an "environmentally friendly platform", Mac is about doing, without the prodding of Al, and Obama is just stuck in first gear. As with all things Obama, there's no clear commitment or clear bill of intentions here. Ironically, Al Gore's own bête noire, W, is more ecologically responsible than Mr. Nobel prize himself. I do not believe that the combined consumption of energy of both the McCain and the Obama households combined can even compare to the ever growing energy needs of Mr. Gore's.
McCain becomes McVolt also for prodding Obama to take a long overdue trip to the Middle East -as in "algid region"- and to Europe and Latin America, as points of interest of American foreign policy. A few volts up Obama's hind quarters prompted him to move over and take a trip, showcasing his poor oratorial skills to the men and women who are in the front lines. They know one thing or two about leadership, and they won't be fooled by Mr. Teleprompter.
In the meantime, the Stateside political brahmins of the Democratic Party (to me a democratic party was a big bang celebration with a good band where everybody was invited and food and drink was free, not even Woodstock would quilify!) are speeding up their designs to demonize McCain and to present Obama as McAbel. For that, well.... they are recruiting bands and offering all the invitees free food and free drinks, better than Woodstock, and with much more mudslinging.
I have just one piece of advise for Obama.
The excitement can be great, but do not dive into the mosh pit.
Because once you're airborne, you will notice that the crowd is rapidly receding and before you know it, you will land face first in the muddy floor.