Monday, July 7, 2008

Ten reasons to boycott the Beijing Olympic Games.

King George has declared in Japan that he sees no reason to boycott the Chinese Olympic Games, which are the equivalent to the Berlin Games of 1936 in the 21st Century. He even talks about the "affront" to the Chinese people that the USA would commit by boycotting the Games. Forget about Tian Anmen and Tibet. King George equates the Chinese people with the Chinese tyranny that oppresses them. Like when his political sergeants put together in the same sack the Cuban people and the Cuban tyrants. For him the blood of the victims is just water from a seraphic brook, it doesn't matter if the blood is spilled by the bullets of the rifle of by the teeth of a shark.

In no particular order, I can give him ten reasons to fully boycott the games, but of course, he will lend me the same ear he lends me when I ask him to obliterate the inhuman policy of the Dry Foot Wet Foot. Honestly, I didn't expect anything different from the man who pulled North Korea out of the list of terrorist nations, not in virtue of any particular changes in policy by the part of the Norks, but responding to the big business interests that are eyeing that Asian branch of hell to establish industries with the cheapest (and most abused) labor force in human history since the days of Ancient Egypt.

These are my ten reasons, frat boy:

1- Horrible human rights records, suppression of political dissent, espionage on citizens, torture, execution with harvesting of organs.
2- Abandoned newborn girls on the side of the roads, bus terminals, one child policy. The most horrible abuse in orphanages where children are practically for sale. Suspicion of children being used as disposable human organ factories.
3- The occupation of Tibet, the murder of Tibetan monks, the elimination of Tibetan Buddhism and culture.
4- Constant military and industrial espionage against the United States. The Pentagon computers were hacked by the Red Chinese Army a few months ago, for example. The data is then passed to Cuba and Iran, as well as to terrorist groups, plus weapons sold to all rogue states and terror gangs in the world, possible including weapons of mass destruction.
5- Tainted foods, both for humans and pets, exported to the United States poisoning both.
6- Animal cruelty is rampant. Dogs are killed with sticks in front of their owners as a practice of animal population control. Cats and dogs are tortured and skinned alive for the "fur" trade in China. Other native animals are routinely killed in the most horrible ways or mutilated while alive for "traditional medicine" purposes. But the Pandas are cute and that's all that's meaningful for the West.
7- Slavery of country migrants in the cities, human traffic networks export poor country folks all over the world, using their merchant marine as a vehicle to make them land, let's say, in Bayonne and Long Island, not to talk about California.
8- Communist leaders implemented state capitalism without labor rights, in a monopoly where workers are just a bone and flesh extension of the industrial machinery. Unfair competition with the American worker, with the loss of jobs in this country and the American economy spiraling out of control.
9- The injection of funds belonging to the Chinese Communist Party into this country to replenish their coffers with the return of the investment to continue with their internal and international (criminal and communist) policies.
10- The never explained disappearance of American POWs in China, after the Korean War.

Two more reasons, plus une treizième, lagniappe:

11- Religious prosecution, ask Catholics -we heard that you are considering conversion-, Tibetan Buddhists, Falun Gong, and the myriad of American missionaries that have been to China lately.
12- Internet and e-mail monitoring, courtesy of Yahoo and Google -they same they do in Cuba, as proven by the government espionage in dissidents in both countries. This has resulted in jailing of bloggers.
13- The Chinese Army has grown to previously unknown levels, and Chinese companies which are Army fronts have effectively bought into the container business in American ports, they practically own the Panama Canal -oh Carter! The Chinese Army represses every mode and manifestation of dissent in the country and refers to the USA as "the enemy". Nice, uh?

Needless to say that we could very easily give him a cool 100 reasons to boycott that Orwellian nightmare that is China, but he will not be listening.