Friday, July 18, 2008

Thin skinned

Remember when B'rack Hussein Obama's staffers shooed the Muslim women out the cameras viewfinders?
Remember how B'rack Hussein Obama has said that the accurately drawn cover of the New Yorker offends the very good Muslims of this country? (is he a Christian or a Muslim in disguise?)

It has transpired that his wife is poised to have a "minor" role...
Doesn't it smell of Islamic segregation of women to "minor" roles?
It reeks a funk that is very similar to the Sharia Law stench.
Because none of you know what the first lady of Iran looks like, don't you?
Not that you know what the Afghan, Pakistani, Iraqi, and Saudi first ladies look like. Or Mrs. Khadaffi.

Why can't B'rack Hussein Obama be as Muslim as the King of Jordan and give us some excess in luxury and a glamorous wife?
Because his prone to give us a regime as corrupt as Yasser Arafat's and his wife will spend as Mrs. Arafat infamously did, with an equally heavy load of bad taste. After all, they are all birds of a feather.