Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gorki en el Pais.

Les da las gracias cuando tenemos que ser nosotros quienes les demos las gracias a el.
Now, after the tidal wave passed, let's mention something....
I knew that Paquito D'Rivera would be unconditionally on Gorki's corner.
That Julio Rey would never abandon him.
That Tanya would support him tirelessly.
And that the composer Jesus Piloto would never ever turn his back on a colleague in danger.... But I have to ask....
Where the hell were the Cuban celebrities, the Cuban musicians, the stars of the spectacle?
Aren't he kings and queens of Cuban music?
They were crowned by others- not by me.....
Nowhere to be seen.
Draw your own conclusions.
And well, the usual suspects can roast me over the coals again.
Do I have any respect for these artists?
No, why would I?
But my respect for Alejandro Sanz, Sabino Mendez, El Loquillo, and Miguel Bose has grown exponentially. By the same token, all the Cuban musicians in Cuba who turn their backs on Gorki earned their "yellow badge of cowardice" and got it tattooed on their faces.