Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mail call.....

Well, let's see if you post my reply to you, Henry.
(Curiously, I don't have your e-mail in my mail-box. I was directed to Babalu by someone else)

There's no accusation, I just pointed out at what you said, that you were campaigning on Gorki's behalf and asking money for it. It still does not have his authorization, or the band's authorization.

About "friendliness" I don't see how can I be friends with people who blatantly out us, and put our families and friends in danger in Cuba. That, by association, includes Gorki and the band.

You can do what you want, but you have not been authorized to do it on Gorki's behalf. You can do whatever you want independently, but nothing and nobody's gives you the right to use the name of somebody who is not acquainted to you, and who has not asked for any help or association with you.
There's no other cost associated to writing press releases than your own writing time. So, you can do it very well without asking for money on Gorki's name, given the impression that you are doing something for Gorki.
Yes, it's good to be redundant.

You are the one throwing the accusation of dishonesty here.
Which I will laugh off, because given the high degree of success of your campaigns I can afford to do so.

Next, you don't read my posts. Well, you can ask for a subscription to the Black Sheep of Exile. I maybe send you a courtesy invitation, I don't know. Ask around, maybe somebody copy the posts for reading pleasure.

I don't care what you do, as long as you don't use a Cuban in jail who has not authorized you to do so, as a bait to obtain money for your high geared campaigns. Google the results of our free campaign, and you will see how effective it has been. Do you want to contribute? Be my guest. But do not use Gorki or his name to ask for money for writing press releases.

As per his legal defense fund, we certainly will not accept money coming from you or your camp -you make your own definition of how wide your camp is if you want to do so. Aren't Cubans in the island cowards? Aren't they ball-less? Live up to those words now, help the ones who want to be associated with you, do not force your "solidarity" on those who don't want it or do not need it.

As per arguing, I am kind of busy trying to help Gorki and his family, and the band to release their next album in this critical moment. Maybe when we get to the end of this nightmare, I will argue with you if you so wish.
It could include a friendly game of chess, a cook-off, or whatever type of competition feels your heart with content.

Charlie Bravo

*feel free to publish this communication. I will do so, too.

An accusation and a response
As you can see from the post below we decided to throw a campaign together quickly to get the word out about Gorki's arrest and pending "trial" in Cuba. This was a gut reaction to what I saw in Ziva's post, in the CNN report and Maria Elvira's TV program in Miami last night. I received the email below late last night from a blogger that we used to be friendly with but now, not so much.

Subject: You are not autorized to ask for money on Porno Para Ricardo's behalf.
Date: August 27, 2008 2:06:40 AM EDT

Porno Para Ricardo has not authorized you to ask for money on their behalf. You are free to ask for as much money as you want, but not on their behalf, since they never authorized you to do so.

I didn't authorize the use of my graphics on Babalu (Ziva's post) nor the use of my words (Ziva's post) or my audiovisuals (your post asking for "donations"). I don't want to give the impression that I am friendly with Babalu, because.... I am not. So, the same as I do not use any material remotely related to your blogging endeavors, leave mine alone, if that's not much to ask.

We -Charlie Bravo, Gorki, Porno Para Ricardo- are not by any slight chance or even by mistake associated with BUCL.

What follows is the official position of PORNO PARA RICARDO.


Porno Para Ricardo and Charlie Bravo do not have a thing to do with BUCL, and the only official campaign to liberate Gorki is being conducted at their website. We have not been approached by anyone in BUCL and we do not know anything about their campaign and what do they plan to do with the funds they hope to collect. We are collecting donations, but mainly we are selling records by Porno Para Ricardo in order to establish the Gorki Legal Defense Fund and to contribute to his family. I repeat, we didn't' solicit by any means that BUCL or anyone else would be part of our campaign the campaign is ONLY conducted by Porno Para Ricardo on their website.

To the dismay of the organizers of BUCL we are proud to announce that we already contacted the press in several countries, the governments of those countries and prominent artists and musicians all around, including FREE MUSE and the Nobel institute with our own resources without asking for a penny to anyone.
Thanks but no thanks.

And Google is your friend, look at the coverage that Gorki and Porno Para Ricardo have obtained without your campaigns.
By the way, why don't you ask for moral support and help to the Cuban American stars who are so silent about this? That would make for a good campaign for them to show a modicum of solidarity with their colleagues in Cuba.

Since you asked for money on the open, I will reserve my right to send this communication to whomever I see fit.

And now read my Spanish note for the lads:

Gorki, Ciro,
Para mi sorpresa acabo de descubrir que hay un grupito aqui pidiendo dinero para liberar a Gorki. No para pagar abogados o para ayudar a su familia, no, se trada de "liberar" a Gorki con "comunicados de prensa" lo cual ya hicimos gratuitamente en diversos medios de comunicacion, desde la television de la ciudad donde radica este grupo, Miami, hasta otros medios en distintos lugares, como Mexico, España, USA, Canada, Brasil, Francia, e Italia, mas websites independientes y medios latinoamericanos.
Le he dicho que la unica campaña de donaciones se hace a traves del website, y que lo que preferimos es que la gente compre los discos en lugar de dar dinero sin obtener nada a cambio, aunque claro tambien las donaciones puras estan bienvenidas.
Aclaro que Porno Para Ricardo no tiene nada que ver con la "organizacion" de estas personas, ni ha pedido nada de ellos, ni ayuda ni dinero.
Al final les digo que si quieren ayudar, podrian pedir apoyo moral y ayuda a los artisas cubanos en el exilio que se mantienen tan calladitos.

This is my response:

Subject: Re: You are not autorized to ask for money on Porno Para Ricardo's behalf.
Date: August 27, 2008 8:46:07 AM EDT


Let me explain something very clearly to you. I became aware of Gorki's arrest through Ziva's post because I don't read your blogs. I was not aware of any relationship you have officially with Gorki. I, like everyone else who has bought Gorki's music in the past was disturbed about the arrest. That said, the regime has engaged in a scheme of catch and release lately and I thought that perhaps that's what this was.

Then I saw the CNN article by Morgan Neil that said he was going to stand trial on THURSDAY. This elevated the sense of urgency in my mind. Gorki wasn't going to be released, he was going to be tried (and obviously convicted).

Last night on Maria Elvira's program, the former Cuban attorney Camilo Loret de Mola, was on and said that Gorki could be sentenced from 1 to 4 years and that the only way to prevent this from happening was through international pressure. Given the short amount of time I made a decision to launch a BUCL campaign.

Our efforts don't interfere in any way with yours (whatever they are):

1. Our readers and the people who give money for this are not generally your readers, this isn't taking money away from Gorki or your effort.

2. We have access to different people who can lend their voice to Gorki's cause, I know you do as well, but the more people the better.

I want you to understand something. I don't make any money on BUCL campaigns. In fact I've spent more than $500 of my own money during the three campaigns we've had to date.

Our biggest expense is putting press releases on the PR news wires. It costs just under $1000 to put a press release on the English and Spanish wires, more if you want the international circuit. I can't afford to do that on my own so we enlist the help of our readers and our contributors.

Gorki is a public figure and an important one. We have resources and contacts that we want to use to put that international pressure on the regime. Your description of our activities is at best inaccurate, and at worst, dishonest.

I'm not going to argue with you about this.