Saturday, September 13, 2008

011 31 70 + number: calling The Hague

One wonders about the duplicity (or is it dupe-icity?) of organizations such as the UN.
When the Myanmar Junta decided not to accept humanitarian aid not long ago, the "organization" let go a sight of dismay, and following some international outcry, kind of force fed humanitarian aid on Myanmar going counter-grain to the desires of the Junta.

With Cuba, well... The interim tyrant is perfecting the rejection art to levels unknown before the Myanmar Junta's little stunt, and he have surpassed the Asians at that game. When it comes to Cuba, the UN doesn't sight, it just take lovelorn glances to the (two) dictator(s) of the island and ignores the plight of the population.

At this point we better call The Hague and reserve twin cells for the Castros, and a whole slew of holding pens for the Generals. They can very well be accused of criminal embezzlement, crimes against the civilian population, genocide, and yes, ethnic cleansing for abandoning the population to their own fate. If it worked for the Balkans, I don't see why it doesn't work for Cuba. Maybe is the sun and the mojitos.

Also, it's very interesting to remember how the Navy dispatched aid loaded ships to Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar even when they were not very welcomed by those governments during the Tsunami and the recent disasters in Myanmar. But they don't go a mere few steps outside Guantanamo base to help the Cuban population in distress or send their ships to disembark all over Cuba with aid, which at the same time will effectively topple the regime. No. Apparently the beaches in Asia are more attractive.

At this point, the President of the United States owes some answers to the Cuban people, both from the island and in exile:

Why hasn't the Navy responded to the humanitarian crisis next door?
Why the American government has not pressured for the international repudiation of the Cuban Junta?
Why is that there's no operation in course to assist the Cuban population?
Why American vessels and planes are not touching land in Cuba to deliver help in spite the opposition of the tyranny?
Why aren't unarmed American soldiers delivering the much needed relief that the tyranny denies to the Cuban people?
Why the American government is not calling for the immediate arrest of the Castros and their top military and civilian cadres?
Where's the international pressure?

Any answers?
Silence is not an answer. Any lack of answers, evasive statements, and the such should be interpreted at their face value....