Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A visit to the astrologer

Time ago, I went to see an astrologer in Havana.
Last night, my friends went, a different astrologer, the same prediction.
Met with the same despair by my friends.

"He, the devil, will not last a century, but more than ninety years, Castro"
"His brother, the bloodied weakling of the family, will die before his elder brother"

Honestly, I heard that I decided that I had have enough. The harassment was on the upswing, I felt "hunted" and haunted. I left. I didn't want to grow old walking through ruins, being free only inside. I wanted total freedom. Not that I needed the encouragement of the dire astrological prediction. I was just fed up of la mierda comunista. And so are my friends.

These are uncertain times, if you will....