Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Audio, in Spanish

We got a couple of hours ago two audio files from sources in Cuba, one is the "soundtrack of the beating" at the concert and audio from Gorki's dad just at the front door of the Tribunal when Gorki was leaving the building fresh from his kangaroo trial. This is the link to the audio, that we posted at Porno Para Ricardo's website. The intention is to prevent the communists from doctoring these materials, so "evidence" can not be manufactured from these reels.

In the audio taken at the concert, one can hear very clearly the chants Gorki, Gorki, and then the government thugs that come shouting at them and even the sound of the blows.

The other one, is the audio of Gorki's dad, outside of the Municipal tribunal, and he describes Gorki's situation and sanction -the six hundred pesos fine- he was nervous, but firm, and one can hear the shutters of the cameras, he explain that the accusation was changed from a politically motivated "social dangerousness" to "disorderly conduct" due to the "noise" of the band's rehearsals. He also explains that Gorki was thrown in jail in a "manufactured trial" in 2002, when he was accused. Then you can hear the chants of Gorki, Gorki, and the clappings when it's anounced that they had to transfer Gorki to the Seventh Station of the National Police to be liberated. The police asked for "sanity".

Gorki's dad describes that his son was a victim of chivateria from a very particular neighbor and the "delegado". It's a very interesting interview, and if you speak Spanish you will have a good insight of what life in Cuba is for Gorki. Specially hilarious is the comment about a wall being damaged by the sound of Porno Para Ricardo, if they had that kind of power, they would have more wattage than Black Sabbath!