Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brutality and ignorance go hand on hand.

Macca ended his concert in Tel-Aviv a short while ago, and all the monsters who wanted to silence the musician with death and shrapnel had to contemplate how Jews and Arabs alike were swept of their feet by the ex-Beatle.

Not surprisingly, not a single senior Palestinian (terrorist) leader had ever heard of Paul McCartney or the Beatles. Old or young, they are just concerned about hate. They were even angry and pacing with unrest when younger Palestinians -or Palestinians who d not have anything to do with "the organizations" saluted Macca on the streets of Belen, and even waved old albums to be signed.

No, totalitarians and extremists do not like that. To be fair, they Beatles were as forbidden in Israel as much as they were in Cuba.... the Israelis knew who he was and they accused the band of being a corrupting influence for their youth, Castro not even that, he declared the Beatles a symbol of rebellion and freedom, of sensual individualism and therefore, enemies of his "revolution". The Cuban police, the Palestinos, who are led by the Palestino en Jefe Fidel, well... they were as ignorant as the real Palestinian terrorists. Or as Paleolithic as they are.

I recall being stopped once by a cop who called his superior and said: Agarramo a ete con un dico de uno pelú americano. Eto é diversionimo ideólogico jefe.
¿que hacemo con ete, lo pelamo, l'entramo a patá, o le rompemo lo dico? Sadly, they broke my records. I would have traded a forceful haircut and a beating for the integrity of my records. But I went home unharmed.

In Israel, the authorities seem to have gotten in tune with the times, 43 years too late. Not in Cuba, when the Palestinians keep on being terrorists, cringing to the sight of Gorki and Porno Para Ricardo and their rebel songs as much as the "others" cringed today at the sight of Paul McCartney and his band delivering a message of peace and hope.