Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The countryside is ravaged, the cities too.

The images coming out of Cuba are simply horrifying.
Also horrifying is that a sector of people cannot understand that the devastation caused by those storms will not affect the tyranny on the most minimal level.
The people of Cuba is today poorer and more unprotected than they were a week ago.
Famine will reach the standards of an pandemic, and the lack of sanitary conditions can elevate exponentially the risk of an epidemic break-out. The population has to seek shelter in government facilities, thus being even more controlled by the repressive forces and the military. They thousands that are hungry and homeless are also powerless, and they are by no means able to revolt, as some proponents of the pressure cooker theory expect.
No, the armed forces are more in control now.
Their solid buildings are minimally affected.
Their food, fuel, and equipment supply has been replenished by the military of Russia and Venezuela, and they are ready to "assist" the Cuban people, which by the way implies to keep them under the heel of their boots.
The situation is ideal for the tyranny to survive:
The people of Cuba is famished, powerless, isolated, and depending on the government for everything.
Farming and other independent activities have been wiped off, by the forces of nature, therefore the regime "saved repressive resources", while being able to control the rationing of foods.
Cuba is now a big concentration camp. People have to scrounge for any food, and the government can control the masses -remember the theory of socialized misery- at ease.
In the meantime, politicians keep on politicking, turning their back to the Cuban people, without understanding that Cuba just left the leagues of Haiti, to join the category held by North Korea.
Remember Pol Pot's Cambodia?
Just with a more refined killing fields system: the sea.
My prediction is that a mass exodus is about to happen.... once the hurricane season ends, we will see more desperate Cubans taking the seas.