Wednesday, September 17, 2008

El secretario de bodegas habla...

Carlos Gutierrez, the same secretary of commerce under whose watch 34 states do business with the tyranny of Cuba, does not want you to help your family in need in Cuba.

This is what I got from the press:

There was talk of lifting the travel ban to the island for 90 days, but Gutierrez believes that would cause too much chaos. He also said allowing for a 90-day increase in the amount of money that can be sent to suffering family members would be a waste.

So, why is he concerned about the CHAOS that this would cause for the Castros? Is that his problem? Who the hell appointed him to police Cuba and keep it orderly for Castro? Who is he to say that it would be a waste to send money to my family or yours?
Secretary, why is that the USA is not sending aid to Cuba like it does to other countries, in spite of the desires of its governing junta, as the USA did with

And we know whom he got this line from:
"What we are hearing from Cubans in Cuba is they don't need money because there's nothing to buy," he said.
The guy's from Miami, not from Cuba.

The only people in Cuba who don't want Cubans in the island with dollars are the Castros, since they will not be able to instill fear on them or to impose hunger onto them as a method of control.

In Cuba people can buy a lot of stuff with dollars in the blackmarket, which is an anticastro activity par excellence.
But to know that you must have to know something about Cuba, Carlitos, and you don't.
This is just a sample of the utter inhumanity of the bi-national regime that Cubans in the island are suffering. No travel, no money, separation, hunger as a method of control -endorsed by both the Cuban regime and its firebrand "enemies".
This is the pressure cooker theory at its best: "make them hungry to control them, make them hungry to make them revolt, make them hungry to punish them because they didn't revolt".

The most pathetic thing is that Cubans here are being stripped of the sacred right to help their own in need, all in the name of an ideology. That's is exactly what the Cuban government wants, to use the Cubans of the island as pawns, as pieces of a macabre chess game, and to keep them hostages. The Cuban government blackmails the USA in front of the international community with impunity, and no, the US government does not punish the Cuban goverment for that, it allows the regime of Havana to abuse its own people a tad more.

Ah, the Cuban tyranny said no to the US aid.... what about growing a set of cojones and say: all Cubans can go to Cuba and carry whatever the hell they want to help whoever they want to help in Cuba?
What about to send the Sixth Float or the Marines to distribute aid to the people of Cuba and to break the yoke of fear and hunger impossed on them by the tyranny of Castro? Oh no, that's too much chaos!

What about using the Guantanamo Base to launch planes to every single airport of Cuba and distribute aid and help, medical services, and shelter to the people of Cuba? Wouldn't it be great to show to the world the inhumanity of the regime?

Why can this be done in Asia, and not in Cuba? Just because it would create chaos and too much waste?

Well, whoever can swallow that excuse is simply an enemy of the Cuban people, and a traitor.