Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Time to help Cubans in need is here -again.
Since there are policies instrumented but in Cuba and the USA to prevent people from helping people in the case of Cuba, we need to resort to the unique spirit of Cubans, and to to our resolve to do things under the harshest conditions.
No, this is not a campaign. This is just a call to your attention.
Try to help your fellow Cubans whose houses and lives have been shattered by Gustav, with the help of Fidel and Raul.
Find a way. An unorthodox way, if you must and will.... There's so much help needed specially in rural regions of the Isle of Pines (that's its real name, fidel) and the province of Pinar del Rio.
Send money or medications or clothing or whatever you see fit with somebody you know that is going to Cuba, to be given to a family in need.
Help a stranger, be a real Cuban.