Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurricane's out, hurricane's in

Cuba is being buffeted again by another hurricane, in addition of hurricane fidel and hurricane raul. This time around it's Ike. It has to be bad.... because it was under Ike's presidency that it was considered an ok idea to allow castro assault Cuban society and take power by force.

Under Ike's guard the revolutionary "tribunals" were instituted, and the destruction of Cuban society was implemented as a method of control of the population, laying the foundations for the longest dictatorship ever in modern history. A blind eye was turned to Cubans at that time, and another blind eye is turned to them as this time as well.

At this moment, we should keep on doing what we have been doing before: try to get help to Cubans in the island without the intervention of governments, politicians, and limelight seekers. Just find your way of sending some help to whoever in the island, and tell them to give some to an unknown from the areas in distress. The whole island, if you will, is in freaking distress, so that's not that difficult.

And remember, politicians, toilet-less dictators, drunken tyrants, and limelight seekers do not do favors.
They want something in exchange, usually your liberties.
Let's help Cubans in a truly Cuban fashion: the do it yourself fashion.