Thursday, September 11, 2008

" is just the tip of the iceberg...."

El Herald carries a series of articles and several photo-galleries depicting the disasters in Cuba.
I wonder how people can contemplate these photographs an react with utter indifference and even think that is morally acceptable to deny help to Cubans, just because it doesn't go hand on hand with their doctrine of "starving the slaves to bankrupt the slave master" as KillCastro once famously said. Well, let me break the news to you, the tyranny is not a tad weaker because Cubans are suffering, it's easy to control destitute people, the hungry, the scared, the homeless and the needy, when the government send a few cops or soldiers on the streets their PR machine works wonders with their groupies.
Donate, whatever you can afford, to anyone in the affected areas in Cuba. Send money to your family, friends, and other relatives, and yes, keep the contact alive, now that they need you more than ever.
Never mind the "minders", they help their families here when we are hit by a hurricane. Do the same for your family and friends.
Now, tell me that this is not worse than Katrina in New Orleans and Mississippi.
Besides the wishful thinking of the "cubanologues" who are speculating about infight between fidel castro and his brother raul and those who see this as the culmination of the pressure cooker scheme, there's another current: those who fear that this will provoke a massive exodus of Cubans towards the United States.
To those potential newcomers, I say: Welcome!