Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More hurricanes.

The season is far from over.
There are more hurricanes forming in the Atlantic, and given the regime of winds and streams in the area, they are likely to hit Cuba at one moment or another.
In the past, hurricanes of this category were not a disproportionate danger for the Cuban population. A few measures of caution here and there, to preserve lives, homes, cattle and agricultural fields, and Cubans could cope with the storms in a pretty much normal way, unless a real big one came with high winds and tidal waves. The loses were always minimal, and fixable with national resources.
Enter hurricanes fidel and raul. After 50 years of continuous destruction, the infrastructure of the country is so damaged that even category 1 hurricanes pose a huge danger to Cuba.
For example, take a look at this former luxury building in Miramar:

Look at the well preserved structures around it. The building is the Rio Mar, in Miramar, it's falling down. It sits at Primera and Zero, in Miramar, just on the waterfront. Imagine the effect of five story waves on this structure. Trivia fact: Porno Para Ricardo once rehearsed there.
Where the regular population lives is not a concern for the tyranny. And this is Havana, not a lost town in the middle of the Cuban coutryside, where nothing has been done in ages.
Then the worst danger happens when the sun starts shining again after the storms. The water that penetrated the structures start dilating the materials with the heat. The stability of the structures is severely compromised -taking into account that these buildings are miraculously standing afoot- and that's when most of the building collapses happen.
For an assessment on what's happening again in the country side just visit Yoani's blog. She's got a chronicle of what Hurricane Gustav did to Pinar del Rio, and how she participated in an effort to give some relief to the victims of the hurricane.
Again, trust no politician, from here or any representative of the tyranny from there to give relief to the Cuban population. Find your own ways to send help. Anything you can send is badly needed. In the meantime, the Cuban population suffers, while the tyranny rejects American help. The restrictions to send remittances and to travel to Cuba are still on. It's very clear that the only ones who care for the Cuban people are the individuals who give to them, and not those whose life seems to revolve around gazing their own navels and who spend time "politicking". Take the relief efforts in your own hands if you want to see a result.