Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a quick anecdote...

I just have to tell y'all thanks again for all the support.

I am also using the occasion to thanks all of those who remained silent during this ordeal, now we know where they stand.
On these days, I have been extremely busy, and as the days pass, the nature of the messages I receive has also changed. I typically have to answer a lot of letters of fans, concerned people, and journalists.

This last group has two requests, either interviews with the band, or interviews with me. As my friends and acquaintances know, I have declined all requests for interviews, and I have encouraged the boys and gals of the press to interview the members of the band instead.

One persistent journo started asking me questions the other day, and I told him that I conduct interviews, I don't give interviews....
Another one asked me a question which in the free world would have been the most normal thing to ask about a rocker: "Who is Gorki Aguila and Porno Para Ricardo's publicist?"

He thought that I was the publicist for the band, and when I say that I wasn't, he asked me who was it.

My answer:
Raul Castro is the publicist for the band, I would like to thank him for having made them a global phenomenon way beyond the geographic limits of Cuba -and the numerous "Cubas" that exist in exile- through to his ruthless repression, attempted gagging, and constant harassing.