Thursday, September 11, 2008

What are they going to do with that money in....


Obama's step-grandmother -a notion that does not exist in the American law when it describes the Cuban family- was robbed. Or her house was.....

"These are just people ... who think that Obama has been sending me a lot of money," said Sarah Obama, the Illinois senator's 85-year-old step-grandmother."

Of course Obama belongs to the ranks of those who deny help to his own, and he's not parting with his funds anytime soon to send a penny to Kenya.... because, why on Earth are they gonna buy with that money in Cuba, sorry I mean in Kenya?

I know for sure that both in Cuba and Kenya there are thriving black markets that allow the "natives" to live independently of the Castros, the Odingas, and the Obamas. And unless one's agenda is to perpetuate castroism, money really comes handy for Cubans (and Kenyans) in need.

Ask Obama's half brother if you don't believe me.