Monday, October 20, 2008


The combination of anesthesia and hypnosis looks awfully like lobotomy.

One would think, walking around on a Monday morning, that the election just happened -or was done away with- and that what you're watching is an eerily uniform(ed) enthusiasm for the Messiah. I have never seen people without faith be so faithful. Or yes, I saw that once, when people without faith cheered for faith-free fidel.

Unfortunately, on these times of "reality" tv, paid street corner political activists (with the high cost of life, these people have to be paid for their efforts by someone -spreading the wealth anyone? Either that or we don't need to change a thing in a country that can produce so many trust fund babies) play all day long the game of being "the police of thought" and they loudly stifle and muzzle anyone who dare to dissent about the goodness of the One.
Is this a preview of the movie "the days to come"?
Just wondering.
Damn, suspend that freaking election already.
Let's go ahead with the coronation, please.