Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barrio Adentro

This past Sunday I took a drive through Obama Country, in Northern Virginia.
I drove along the Virginia side of the Potomac, to see friends who left downtown for the suburbs, I move I will never be able to understand. It was a beautiful landscape dotted with big manses (ungreen and with a large carbon footprint, that's for sure) and full of Stepford liberals, all with the same facial expression, the same over -the-crown-of-their-interlocutor's-head gaze (cloned from the pensive-into-the-future gaze of The Sunbama himself) same preppy clothes, the same two or three breeds of dogs, and the same two or three brands of gas guzzlers. The same Sunbama fried egg symbol was everywhere.
My friends are out of place t here. I think they secretly miss downtown.
I pointed out to them that it reminded me of the large homes in posh neighborhoods in Havana, which lay abandoned for years with their black red and white cast aluminum plaques anouncing "esta es tu casa fidel" still nailed to their front doors.
Those houses in the Biltmore and Miramar belonged to the moneyed elite of Cuba, the gliteratti of Havana, who have supported and paid for the indoctrination and training of Castro and his henchmen, only to flee before than anybody else could escape their so lovely crafted tropical Frankenstein. I wonder to where all of these Obamunistas are going to flee, when their time come.

In contrast, in the past two days I have walk through what the young Obamunistas in Georgetown called "the war zone". That is, impoverished neighborhoods in the inner city. There are not that many Obama signs there. They feel that they should not blindly trust any politician, and as an elderly black woman told me, the fact that B'rak rejects his white heritage makes him suspicious to her eyes. Why? Weren't they doting and loving grandparents? Didn't they put him through school? Didn't they give him a good life? What kind of Christian is such an ingrate? I have to say that her questions were very sharp and accurate. It was interesting to see that those "poor" neighborhoods do not have as many signs supporting the Messiah as the ones sprouting all over the well-to-do neighborhoods of this town. That tells me that the "poor" neighborhoods are at least rich in independent thinkers, and in men and women who are grounded in reality. It also reminded me that the vast majority of the middle class and "poor" households in Cuba didn't sport those aluminum plaques giving support (and eventually ownership of the homes) to fidel castro.

Maybe those rich Obamunistas should talk to the who's who of Cuban society who did in 1958 what they are doing in 2008. I am sure they will get a lot of tips on how to put Obama in power and on how to jump ship abandoning everybody in despair with no more than their "creation" to enjoy.