Thursday, October 16, 2008

"con la revolucion todo, contra la revolucion nada"

With Obama all, against Obama nothing.
Just a few minutes ago I witnessed an incident during which some Obamaniacs in their Obamachic t-shirts screamed: Racist! to some folks just because they expressed themselves as not supportive of the Sunbama. But I had seen that before. What I hadn't seen before was what was in the back of the Obama-shirts. An image of cheo huevera with the phrase "el guerrero de America". I spent a few minutes looking for the design online but I haven't seen it. If somebody comes across it please let me know and I would post it for all to see.

We already know that what Obama plans is a quasi totalitarian regime, with the help of his supporters who see fit to yell at people just because they don't like their idol and their are gutsy enough to tell them. Imagine what they could do with a bit of power in their hands.

1- Committees for the Defense of the Obammunist Revolution
2- Paramilitary or para-police brigades to stifle dissent.
(these first two will amount to giving power to thugs and snitches to control the opposition)
3- Ban freedom of thought, expression, assembly. (con la revolucion todo, contra la revolucion nada)
4- Ban guns. (¿armas para que?)
6- Total control of the media (that's virtually accomplished)
7- Collaboration in judicial matters with totalitarian regimes such as the castros', incuding Chavez, his cousin's Kenya, Putin's Russia, China, and Iran. This is particularly important because as per request of the Cuban authorities, any of us who "doesn't behave" could be shipped extradited to Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and who knows where.
8- School indoctrination (already happening)

We are in presence of another fascio-communist regime in the making, via "elections" as Chavez proved was as feasible method. Soon, we might have to go underground to keep on publishing our counterrevolutionary blog (hey, the Obamunistas call themselves revolutionaries!)

We will have to resort to posting from public libraries, churches, foreign embassies, and foreign press bureaus.
I really don't know how's that people don't see the writing on the wall. It couldn't be bigger. Literally.