Friday, October 3, 2008

The Fireman

Side-projects are en vogue lately.
The Black Sheep started as a side project parallel to KillCastro.
La Bête Noire is a side project of The Black Sheep of Exile.
La Babosa Azul is Porno Para Ricardo's Ciro side project.
The Fireman is Paul McCartney's side project, and it takes its name from his father.

This song, "Nothing to much, just out of sight", is from it first album "Electronic Arguments", whose name comes from the flurry of angry e-mails exchanged between Macca and his ex. A costly divorce later, Macca shreds it off in a heavy sounding album, pure rock, not electronica as some forae will have it.

The album is scheduled to come out on November 13.
From the same album, this is another song dedicated to the effort of clearing agricultural land from land mines.

Note, most of the illustrations in the videos are Sir Paul's paintings.