Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The future of intimidation

We are certainly walking our way into a Matrix kind of reality.
Actually, we are voting our way into it.

In posh Georgetown, Washington DC, I was approached by two Obamunistas wearing their new symbol -I call it the Sunbama- which is to 2008 what the Swastika was to 1936, or the Hammer and Sickle to 1917. Or that is at least what they think.

The two Obamadudes in question approached me with their aluminum clipboards asking me if I had a second to spare for Obama, I said "yes, and I will use to tell you how strongly I feel about this closet marxist and cryptocommunist". They ignored my sentence, and they went straight into their sales pitch to get me (of all people) to vote for the Manchurian candidate. I repeated that I would not vote for him, and I added that if fidel castro and raul castro find him to be a fine chap, to me that's like the devil's mark on his ass. They left me alone, and I had not walked half a block when another duo of Obamapeople stopped me again.

They were in Obama-O-Matic mode.
They were cheery and leery, and with a big smile one of the guys presented me with a Sunbama clipboard and a Sunbama pen for me to sign in favor of the guy that would do us no favor. I was bad. I let go a burst of laughter and I told them that they had to be kidding me. They were surprised, they assume that every guy with glasses and long hair entering a bookstore is a defacto Obamunista. I laughed again, and I asked them to point me to the hidden camera, because, it had to be one of those hidden camera shows where they punk you out. "What's this, Mr. Teleprompter's new show?"

They got really mad and they started yelling at me that I should known better, that I should know what I was doing.
That I couldn't mock Saint Obama under any concept and circumstance. "Really?", I said, "could you tell me why? Is he the One of Divine Nature? Is this some sort of a second coming?"

"No" -one of the two answered- "this is a revolution".
I had to laugh again, and I told them that between their leftover of the sixties college professors, the know-it-all celebrities, and the communist brainwashing of the Obamamaniacs our society was totally screwed all.

The one that was silent to that second got combative all of a sudden and said: "We know who you are, we know where you live". And I said "sure Einstein, sure. This is the first time I see you and you already used your Xray goggles on me to read my driver's license". Then he said "I could punch you". I said "bring it on dude, bring it on".... at that point two men that were watching the exchange separated the three of us.

I have to tell you that it sounds exactly like the tactics of intimidation used under communism to force people to vote for their "delegates" in their "elections". The threat of violence sounded exactly like the "rapid response brigades". This is the work of the heirs of Bill Ayers and other homegrown haters, and the work of the press. The same press that consider newsworthy and (bottom)feeds the public with the agitated sex life of the starlets, and the stint in rehab of a slew of so call celebrities, and then present their musings as worthy political opinion on their pages.

Now you know why fidel castro and his brother raul think that Obama is the viable candidate.
Imagine a future of intimidation.
Imagine a new Chavez, just more powerful, sitting in the White House.
If this is a revolution, indeed, well....

Join the counterrevolution!