Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The long arm of the Obamas and the Odingas.

The Obamas and the Odingas, those terror gangs that rule in Kenya, have managed to put anti-Obama author, Jerome Corsi, behind bars. They are holding the American writer under "not having a work permit" charges, and they "do not know what to do with him".

B'rak Hussein Obama is personally responsible for whatever might happen to Jereme Corsi, since people belonging to branches of his extended family are the ones controlling the mobs in Kenya.

The Obamas and the Odingas have had a "great" participation in the carnages, riots, rapes, arson, and murders that ravaged Kenya recently, all of which were politically motivated. What can you expect of guy named Fidel Castro Odinga, who is training to have a more bloodied record than his namesake. He also will have a relative in high places in the USA, if all happens as designed by the international of terror with headquarters in Havana.