Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mind control: obey

Subliminal advertising has always been creepy, to say the least. It was described and codified in 1984, by George Orwell, who knew a thing or two about communism and totalitarianism.
The image above is a composite of B'rak Hussein Obama adverts that appear for a few seconds on the screen of certain video games (one is car based, the other one basketball based) which are directed to young men who are not very social and spend a lot of time playing with their game consoles and their joysticks, pun intended.
If Castro invented the method of ruling through television, the handlers of the Manchurian candidate -face it, he's not that bright, he's just a face of a more sinister movement- devised the video game tyranny, probably with inspiration provided by uncle fidel.
Look, concentrate, obey. That's the mantra of the subliminal advert that encourages the viewer to vote early, and of course, for B'rak. It would be interesting to analyze whether the same is happening with tv spots. And even more interesting would be to find out where this vast amount of money devoted to communist propaganda is coming from.
By the way, the Sunbama looks like a fried egg. Take that, B'rak.