Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sad and somber

Penultimos Días publishes the Tele 5 report about child prostitution in Cuba.
Sad and somber to watch, to say the least.
It shows the misery of the Cuban people, and how some adults -or youths or quasi children themselves- become pimps of children, and how the occupation Palestinian police is their accomplice in their trade from help. The young pimps work the schools, where the teachers betray the parents, and are the worst possible traitors to the children in their trust, becoming accomplices in the traffic of these kids. Talk about terrible.
Children and sell and bought, for sex, in a country where despair is the only thing that flourishes after the likes of the castros and guevara raped the country and forced it into slavery.
The "johns" are not only foreigners, there are also Cubans johns. Whoever has money can buy a child, sometimes againts the will of these children. The girls are raped, beaten, sold, bought. And the children are alone and surrounded pack of wolves led by pimps, teachers, cops....
If you're overtly sensitive, do not watch the 40 minute video.
This is the work of the castros, guevara, and the revolution.
So, why we would want to increase the misery of the Cuban people?
Just imagine the work ahead in terms of fixing the broken morals, the education and health systems, and all that's related to the repairing of the social fabric. Certainly, a titanic task to reconstruct the Cuban society in moral terms.
All of those who are guilty of the rape of the Cuban children should be taken to justice, alongside their accomplices in the repressive forces, the schools, the government, the johns, and ultimately, all castroites. This is just the result of the moral bankruptcy of communism, and pimps are profiteers of the misery of the people, worse, they are accomplices of the government of corrupting the children and youths of Cuba.