Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleeping potion

The debate was a really thick sleeping potion.
B'rak didn't sound convincing -slimy at his best, that's how he sounds.
The Mac lost all and every good opportunity to nail B'rak's balls to the wall, even when he managed to deliver some good zingers.... One thing he needs to learn is not to say "my friends" to wedge sentences apart or to weld them together. B'rak should learn to construct sentences, in the first place. Strange, if you consider that (he says) he went to Columbia University.

B'rak Hussein Obama was the master of bullshit, specially when he went back and forth with Pakistan and Iran, and when he demonstrated that he knows absofucklinglutely nothing about nothing. In the meantime, the Mac demonstrated he knew exactly what and who Putin is, while B'rak made faces of beheaded lamb (carnero degolla'o)

The Mac could have used his time to ask Obama to explain what the hell is happening with Acorn, and to ask him about his association with Fanny Mae's executives, and who is Bill Ayers, how was business with Antoine Rezko, what was he smoking that he never knew what the hell was going on with his pastor's sermons, or whether he had called his cousin in Kenya to demand the liberation of Jerome Corsi, or what's up with those thousands of small donations from abroad.

The Mac maybe won some points in this debate, but also did B'rak with his more fanatical followers. I still consider that the Mac delivered a very slim victory, which is not sufficient to carry a high school cafeteria, let alone a presidential election. On the other side, B'rak was kind of like the deer on the highlights. He skirted the issues, and delivered a rhetoric of "change" that will earn him no converts, just his enamored fans are the only ones who will be left with some change in is pockets, if any after he is elected.

B'rak has changed Chicago.
And the Senate. (I have asked how, but nobody seems to understand "how" or even "why".
Oh, and his wife. Now she "likes" America. And she felt once some pride for being an American, a few months ago, so I don't know how she's feeling now.

Sure as there's sunlight that he can change America. For sure. Into Amerika. Welcome to the end of the American dream, the American nightmare will start soon, delivered to your doorstep by some smiling Obama supporter....

(A good "description" of the "exchange" can be followed here)