Friday, October 3, 2008

Special Period, second serving.

The reports from Cuba could not be bleaker.
The first special period never ended, but the authorities are proudly announcing that they are giving the population a second serving of misery and famine.

While the castro brothers are hoarding all the resources to keep their troops, police, and secret service fed and ready, the population has been left to fend for themsevels. It's hardly surprising, since the only objective of the tyranny and the two co-tyrants is to keep themselves power, and I should insist in the notion that fidel castro is back in power, and exerting all his power, and that one of this days he will show up in his green frog-like fatigues.

It's also very interesting to see how some advocate for an egalitarianism in hunger, which is equivalent to an egalitarianism in disease and health. They say that no Cuban should receive any money from abroad, since all Cubans could not -naturally- receive money from abroad. They fail to realize that they are just saying the same the castros say, and that it accommodates very well their wishes of general misery for the Cuban people. They don't realize that when a sector of the population has money and independence from the government forced cycles of misery, that money circulates in the black and grey economy, and gets saved too, and most of it will be kept in the hands and hiding spots of regular Cubans.

I survived the first special period. Many didn't. Many starved and succumbed to diseases and weakness. The second special period will be worst, as all seems to indicate.

We need to help the population to break the dependency from the government rations and hand-outs. That's the only way they have to survive, and the only way they have to keep themselves healthy, physically and mentally.

That a sector of the population receives remittances is better than nobody receives them. For those who advocate in favor of the restriction or even suspensions of remittances, this is how it works: according to the same rules of market.
Everything is shaped under the relationship of offer and demand.

If there's a demand for food and services, and money to pay for it, there will be an offer to satisfy such demand. The ones who don't receive dollars directly will grow food to sell to the ones who have that currency which will circulate among the population, mainly. All of them become freer, because they do not depend on the government designs to get fed or to earn their keep. The black market is an anticastro activity par excellence and it has to be kept alive if we want the Cuban population to survive.

To resist the horrible conditions of the so called "special period" is an act of subversion that needs to be supported. The only resource of Cuba is it's people, and those men and women are the foundation for a free Cuba. Without Cubans, there will be no Cuba, it is that hard to understand?