Thursday, October 30, 2008

Terrorismo de Estado.

In his own words.

We have gotten word that there's a plan to have the old dinosaur to wear his trademark green fatigues and come out with some provocative speech after the American elections. Rumors in Havana have that fidel castro is playing with these two domestic terror scenarios in the USA:

One: if B'rak Hussein Obama is elected, castro will instigate violence against him to provoke turmoil in this country, through inflammatory declarations, planted agents and a wide propaganda effort. The authorities should be following fidel castro's agent's trails in this country, and detaining them before they can commit any crimes. They should also look at the elements who instigate violence and bag them before it's too late.

Two: If B'rak Hussein Obama does not win the elections, he will instigate racial riots all around the land, to give McCain and Palin -he's real enemies- an inauguration gift that not many people would like: a country engulfed in flames and violence.

We should never forget that famous phrase uttered by Nikita Khruschev: "we will bury you". Fidel Castro is willing to do so, and believe me when I say he knows no limits when it's a matter of accomplishing evil.
He's betting for a surge of fascism, extremism, racism, xenophobia, and for violence to destabilize this country from within. His Manchurian candidate is for him no more than a pawn in his game.

We are against all sorts of political terror and political crimes against democracy, and therefore, we are denouncing that an attempt to destabilize this country is being hatched in Havana. We have confirmations that Castro's health has improved enough to have him plotting in the shade, and that his brother has provided a great front for it. We will soon see a re-arming of the Cuban military, and also strategically deployments in the region, coupled with a more repressive fascist front inside the island, designed to choke the population.

Also, if fidel castro doesn't authorize a hit against American democracy, he then will use whoever gets to power to create an unstable situation through rumors and propaganda: Obama will lend him a hand, which he will take as legitimization. He could even create a climate in which anti-castroites could be deported to Cuba to be judged and jailed. But he will play Obama like a second hand fiddle, like he did with Carter and Clinton. He's counting on the age of McCain and the inexperience of Sarah Palin to also create an unstable play field if they get elected. Talk about Evil now.